FRANCODEX - Intestinet 10g - For intestinal flora

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Restore balance and health to the intestinal flora of your rodent or dwarf rabbit with the FRANCODEX Intestinet food supplement!

Specially designed to support the digestive system during stressful periods such as transport, weaning or a dietary transition, this product is rich in mannan-oligosaccharides and ?-glucans. Easy to administer thanks to its bottle with measuring spoon, Intestinet helps maintain healthy digestion , prevents digestive disorders and promotes good weight regain, essential for the overall health of your little companion.

  • Balances intestinal flora: Promotes healthy digestion.
  • Prevents digestive disorders: Ideal in times of stress or convalescence.
  • Easy to administer: Practical bottle with measuring spoon.

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The advantages and information of Intestinet from Francodex

FRANCODEX - accessories for rabbits and rodents

Complete Digestive Support

INTESTINET FRANCODEX is enriched with mannan-oligosaccharides and ?-glucans, key components for the stabilization of the intestinal flora. These active ingredients help to stimulate beneficial flora and inhibit the adhesion of pathogenic bacteria, thus ensuring optimal digestion and effectively preventing imbalances that could lead to serious disorders.

Adaptability in Transition Periods

This supplement is a valuable ally during changes in your pet's diet or during periods of convalescence. It facilitates the food transition without disturbing the intestinal flora, thus helping your rodent or rabbit to maintain robust digestive health even in delicate periods.

Prevention of Digestive Disorders

In addition to supporting the intestinal flora, Intestinet contributes to the effective regulation of intestinal transit. This is especially beneficial for pets who may develop diarrhea or other digestive problems in response to stress or environmental changes.

Ease of Use and Precise Dosage

The presentation of this product in a bottle equipped with a measuring spoon greatly facilitates its administration. You can thus precisely dose the quantity necessary for the health of your animal, guaranteeing a constant and effective supply of essential nutrients for its intestinal flora.


Lactose, colostrum, mannan-oligosaccharides, ß-glucans.

Precautions for use

To be used in addition to a balanced diet. Renew the water every day


Mix INTESTINET with drinking water until completely dissolved. For maintenance: 3 measures for 45 ml of drinking water (=3 tablespoons), 3 times a week. During periods of intestinal imbalance: 3 measures for 45 ml of drinking water every day for 10 days. · PRECAUTIONS FOR USE: to be used in addition to a balanced diet. Change the water every day.

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