FRANCODEX - Vitavit - Vitamins for Rabbits and Rodents

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Invigorate the health of your little companion with FRANCODEX Vitavit, essential vitamins for rabbits and rodents

This unique food supplement is specially formulated to compensate for common deficiencies in the diets of small herbivores, which are often too rich in pellets and low in fiber. Vitavit enriches your pet's diet with vitamins crucial for its vitality and the beauty of its coat, especially during convalescence or shedding periods . Thanks to its practical bottle equipped with a measuring spoon, administering Vitavit becomes child's play.

  • Improves vitality: Fills deficiencies for optimal health.
  • Beauty of the coat: Vitamins for a shiny and healthy coat.
  • Easy to use: Bottle with measuring spoon for precise dosing.

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The benefits and information of Vitavit from Francodex

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Optimized Health

FRANCODEX Vitavit is the ideal solution to correct nutritional imbalances frequently observed in rodents and dwarf rabbits. It provides a full dose of essential vitamins, thus guaranteeing dynamism and better general resistance of the animal. This supplement is particularly beneficial during critical periods such as convalescence, when nutrient needs are increased.

Radiant Coat

A dull, fragile coat often signals a deficiency of vital nutrients. Vitavit by FRANCODEX is enriched with amino acids and vitamins that nourish the coat, making it thicker, lustrous and resistant. Your little friend will have a healthy, well-maintained appearance, reflecting his overall good health.

Ease of use

One of the great advantages of Vitavit is its presentation in a bottle with an integrated measuring spoon, greatly simplifying the dosage and administration of the product. This system helps ensure that your pet receives the exact amount needed to get the maximum benefit from the supplement, without waste or complications.

Suitable for All Small Animals

Whether you own a dwarf rabbit, hamster or guinea pig, Vitavit is suitable for everyone. Simply adjust the dosage according to the species and weight of the animal, making this product extremely versatile and essential for owners of several types of small animals.


Lactose, sucrose, sodium chloride, calcium caseinate. Additives (/kg): vitamins: vitamin A 8,000,000 IU, Vitamin D3 200,000 IU, vitamin E 8g, vitamin C 100 mg, vitamin K3 600 mg, vitamin PP 1000 mg, vitamin B1 600 mg, B2 1400 mg, vitamin B6 600 mg, vitamin B12 2.5 mg, pantothenic acid 200 mg, folic acid 20 mg, biotin 2 mg.

Precautions for use

As vitamin C is sensitive to light, it is recommended to change your drinking water every day. To be used in addition to a balanced diet. Store in a cool, dry place, protected from light.


Shake before use. Mix one measure of VITAVIT in 45 ml of drinking water (= 3 tablespoons). Administer two days a week, regularly. One measure (0.2ml) of vitavit provides 0.08µg of vitamin D3. · PRECAUTIONS FOR USE: change the water every day.

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