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BUNNY NATURE - BOTANICALS Mid Mix - Marigold Flowers and Roses

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Mid Mix with marigold and rose flowers for rabbits and herbivorous rodents.

BOTANICALS Mid Mix by Bunny Nature , an exquisite treat made from marigold flowers and roses . This special blend, also containing blue cornflower flowers and echinacea leaves, is designed to enrich the daily diet of your rabbits and rodents . Weighing 130 grams, this natural composition not only provides a diversity of flavors but also a multitude of health benefits, thus guaranteeing an unparalleled taste and nutritional experience.

  • Rich in Essential Nutrients with marigold flowers and roses.
  • Promotes a Balanced Diet as a daily supplement.
  • Memorable Taste Experience with freshly selected ingredients.

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The benefits and information of BOTANICALS Mid Mix - Marigold Flowers and Roses

BUNNY NATURE: quality food for rabbits and rodents

Rich and Beneficial Composition

BOTANICALS Mid Mix is rich in 40% marigold flowers and 25% rose flowers, complemented by blue cornflower flowers and echinacea leaves. Each ingredient has been chosen for its nutritional properties, providing essential vitamins and minerals which contribute to the well-being of your companions.

Ideal Food Supplement

This mixture fits perfectly into the diet of herbivores. It enriches their daily menu without disrupting their eating habits, offering a tasty and healthy alternative that complements the basics of their diet.

Freshness and Superior Quality

We take care to select the best flowers, guaranteeing not only unparalleled freshness but also an intense and pleasant flavor for your animals. This special attention to quality ensures that each meal is a real feast for your rabbits and rodents.

Practical Packaging Design

The 130 gram packaging is designed to be practical and easy to use. It helps maintain the freshness of the mixture, ensuring that the treats remain delicious and nutritious day after day.

In short


  • Rich in Nutrients: Marigold and rose flowers provide essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Balanced Diet: Perfectly complements the daily diet of herbivores.
  • Guaranteed Freshness: The ingredients are selected for their freshness, offering intense flavors.
  • Delicious Flavors: The combination of marigold and roses creates a unique taste experience.
  • Easy to Integrate: Easily integrated into animals' usual diet.
  • Practical: 130 gram packaging, easy to store and serve.
  • Supports General Health: Contributes to better overall health thanks to natural antioxidants.
  • Packaging Design: Designed to preserve the quality and freshness of the product.

Photo of the treats BOTANICALS Mid Mix

BUNNY NATURE - BOTANICALS Mid Mix - Marigold Flowers and Roses

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Our advice for use

  • You can offer this treat in small quantities, a few times a week, in addition to a basic diet (complete food and water). It will undoubtedly be a moment of pleasure and sharing for you and your animal.
  • Make sure your pet always has access to clean, fresh water, fresh every day.


Marigold flowers (40%), rose flowers (25%), blue cornflower flowers, echinacea leaves

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