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JR FARM - Crispy Ice Cream for Rabbits and Rodents

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Fun treat in the shape of ice cream for rabbits and rodents.

JR FARM Crispy Ice Cream on a Stick is a unique treat that will delight your rodents and dwarf rabbits all year round. Made from meadow hay, fresh herbs and coated with crunchy carrots and cornflower flowers, this ice cream is not only a treat but also an entertaining and beneficial game. Perfect for stimulating both digestion thanks to its high fiber content and dental abrasion, this ice cream is a fun way to take care of your little companions. The natural wooden handle also serves as a gnawing toy, providing double the pleasure for your pets!

  • Stimulates digestion and dental abrasion.
  • Natural wooden handle to gnaw for more pleasure.
  • 100% natural, without artificial additives.

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The benefits and information of Crispy Ice for Rabbits and Rodents

JR Farm: quality food for rabbits and rodents

A Multi-Benefit Treat

Offer a complete experience to your rodents and rabbits with JR FARM Crunchy Ice Cream. This original treat combines pleasure and care by stimulating the dental abrasion necessary because of the hard texture of the ice, while promoting good digestion thanks to the fibers of the grasses and mountain meadow hay. It’s a delicious and healthy way to maintain your daily well-being.

Entertainment and Care

Not only delicious, this ice cream on a stick invites animals to an entertaining and prolonged activity. Nibbling and gnawing on the natural wooden stick provides mental enrichment and helps reduce boredom. This also encourages natural gnawing behaviors, which are essential for their physical and mental health.

100% Natural Composition

JR FARM Crispy Ice Cream is made from 100% natural ingredients, without any artificial additives. Carrots, cornflowers, and a rich blend of meadow hay ensure a nutrient- and flavor-packed treat. This carefully selected composition ensures a healthy and balanced diet, in harmony with the natural needs of your animals.

Easy to use

Practical and easy to distribute, Crispy Ice comes on a stick that animals can hold and manipulate easily. This not only allows them to have fun while eating, but also to physically engage with their food, increasing their satisfaction and overall happiness.

In short

  • Stimulation of digestion: High fiber content thanks to herbs and meadow hay for better digestion.
  • Helps with tooth abrasion: The hard texture helps with natural tooth wear, essential for oral health.
  • Extended play activity: The wooden stick encourages animals to gnaw, providing fun and physical activity.
  • 100% natural ingredients: Made from meadow hay, carrots, cornflower seeds and flowers without artificial additives.
  • Ease of use: Presented on an easy-to-handle stick, increases animal engagement with their food.
  • Double function: The wooden handle can be gnawed after consuming the ice cream, doubling the pleasure and usefulness of the product.

Photo of the JR FARM treat - Crispy ice cream for Rabbits and Rodents

JR FARM - Crispy Ice Cream for Rabbits and Rodents

Our recommendations for use for JR FARM - Crispy ice cream for Rabbits and Rodents

  • You can offer this treat in small quantities, a few times a week, in addition to a basic diet (complete food and water). It will undoubtedly be a moment of pleasure and sharing for you and your animal.
  • Make sure your pet always has access to clean, fresh water, fresh every day.


vegetable starch, mountain meadow hay 15.5%, carrots 11.3%, oat flakes, wheat flakes, pea flakes, parsley, alfalfa, wheat, hardwoods, rapeseed oil, puffed wheat, corn flakes, popcorn, lemon balm, peppermint, beetroot, plantain lanceolus, echinacea, cornflower flowers 1%, oats, red clover flowers, marigold flowers, dandelions

Analytical constituents

Protein 9.1%, fat content 4.2%, crude fiber 9.9%, calcium 2600 mg/kg, phosphorus 1700 mg/kg, sodium 500 mg/kg

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