SIGNS - Secure Bunny - Anti-Stress Pheromones

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Secure Bunny: Anti-Stress Pheromones for Rabbits

Secure Bunny is the ideal solution for stressed rabbits , reproducing maternal comfort thanks to pheromones . Designed for spaces up to 50 m², this product works for 4 to 6 weeks, providing constant comfort. Its unique formula reduces anxiety and behavioral disorders , promoting a feeling of well-being in your long-eared companion.

  • Maternal comfort: recreates the reassuring atmosphere of the first days.
  • Stress management: ideal for moving, traveling, or new environments.
  • Simple use: without electricity, easy placement, long-lasting effect.

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The benefits and information of Secure Bunny Anti-Stress Pheromones

SIGNS - Rabbit pheromones

Reassuring atmosphere

Secure Bunny mimics maternal pheromones, providing a calming environment that significantly reduces stress and anxiety. This reassuring atmosphere helps your rabbit to calmly adapt to new situations.

Natural Anti-Stress Solution

This product is a real source of peace for your rabbit, particularly effective in times of change such as moving, veterinary visits or the introduction of new animals.

Easy to put in place

Secure Bunny stands out for its ease of installation. Simply place it high up, far from your rabbit's reach, for optimal diffusion of pheromones without risk of ingestion.

Respectful and Sustainable

Developed by SIGNS, a recognized laboratory, Secure Bunny is an environmentally friendly product, designed without toxicity. Its duration of action of 4 to 6 weeks allows prolonged peace of mind, with minimal impact on your daily life.

SIGNS - Secure Bunny - Anti-Stress Pheromones


Hydrophilic gel, 2% fatty acid methyl esters, water, natural preservative, antioxidant.

Precautions for use

Secure Bunny is not edible and should be kept out of the reach of animals and children to avoid any risk.


  • Unscrew then completely remove the cover.
  • Place near the cage and out of reach of the rabbit.
  • Acts for 4 weeks

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