CUNIPIC - Vetline Rabbit Renal Detoxification

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Vetline Rabbit Renal Detoxification: Comprehensive Care for Kidney Health

Vetline Rabbit Renal Detoxification from CUNIPIC is a complete and specialized food , created to support the kidney and liver functions of rabbits . By integrating medicinal plants selected for their detoxifying properties, this food promotes the elimination of toxins while strengthening the immune system. Ideal for rabbits with kidney or liver problems , this product helps maintain optimal health and prevent complications.

  • Enhanced detoxification for better kidney and liver function.
  • Strengthens the immune system, improving resilience to disease.
  • Facilitates digestion and excretion of harmful substances.

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The benefits and information of Vetline Rabbit Renal Detoxification

Cupinic: premium food for rodents

Specific Nutritional Support

CUNIPIC Vetline Rabbit Renal Detoxification is enriched with key nutrients that specifically support kidney health. Medicinal plants like milk thistle and German chamomile have been bred for their protective and regenerative effects on the kidneys and liver , helping to restore and maintain organ function.

Prevention and Treatment of Disorders

This specialized diet plays a crucial role in the prevention and treatment of chronic kidney disease and other liver conditions, helping to regulate metabolic functions and eliminating waste products efficiently.

High Likeability and Acceptance

CUNIPIC Vetline Rabbit Renal Detoxification is designed to be particularly palatable , encouraging rabbits with appetite problems due to digestive discomfort or pain to consume their food and receive essential nutrients for their recovery.

Long Term Use

Suitable for long-term use , this food can be administered as an integral part of the daily diet, continually supporting the overall health and well-being of the rabbit, without unwanted side effects.

Power and usage guide

Following veterinary prescriptions , this diet can be administered as soon as problems appear. For a successful food transition, gradually mix Vetline Rabbit with the usual diet, increasing the portion over 10 days until the old food is completely replaced. Follow portion recommendations based on your pet's weight for optimal effectiveness.

Photo of CUNIPIC granules - Vetline Rabbit Renal Detoxification

CUNIPIC - Vetline Rabbit Detoxification

Our advice for using the CUNIPIC food - Vetline Rabbit Renal Detoxification

dwarf rabbit food
  • If you change your rabbit's diet, we advise you to make a smooth transition, so we recommend that you monitor their consumption and mix the new food with their previous food.
  • Daily quantities vary depending on the weight and age of your rabbit, the recommended dose varies from 50g per kilo .
  • Hay being the basis of the rabbit's diet , there must be unlimited access to it. See our rabbit hays
  • Make sure your pet always has access to clean, fresh water, fresh every day.


Wild prairie hay, sunflower meal, wheat flour, German chamomile, milk thistle, mare's tail, dandelion, barley, alpha alpha, chlorella, goldenrod, calendula, garlic, raspberry, natural prebiotics and probiotics, echinacea .

Analytical constituents

Crude protein: 12.50%, Crude oils and fats: 2.40%, Crude fiber: 18.50% Crude ash: 3.50%, Moisture: 11.22%


Nutritional Additives

Vitamin A (3a672a): 10,000 IU/kg, Vitamin D3 (671a1,000 IU/kg), Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) (35a3): 35a3 mg/kg, Omega-6 and Omega-6 fatty acids XNUMX

Technical Additives


Sensory Additives


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