VADIGRAN - Herbal Hay with Apple and Banana

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Hay with apple and banana for rabbits and rodents.

Vadigran Herbal Hay with Apple and Banana is the perfect food for greedy rabbits and rodents. 100% natural and rich in fiber , this carefully dried hay retains all its nutritional values to promote optimal digestion and healthy teeth. Enriched with pieces of apple and banana , it offers an irresistible taste that will delight your little companions while providing them with essential benefits for their health and well-being.

  • Source rich in fiber for optimal digestion.
  • Enriched with apple and banana for a delicious taste.
  • Maintains healthy and robust teeth .

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The benefits and information of VADIGRAN - Herbal Hay with Apple and Banana

Vadigran: quality food for rodents

Optimal Digestion and Well-being

Vadigran herb hay is an exceptional source of fiber, crucial for the digestive health of your rabbits and rodents. Fiber plays an essential role in regulating intestinal transit, preventing digestive disorders such as bloating and constipation. By integrating this hay into your animals' daily diet, you ensure their digestive well-being and comfort.

Delicious Taste of Apple and Banana

This hay stands out for its tasty and natural taste thanks to the addition of apple and banana pieces. These fruits not only provide a delicious flavor that your pets will love, but also beneficial additional nutrients. The sweet, fruity taste of this hay encourages regular consumption, ensuring your companions get all the nutrients they need.

Maintenance of teeth

Nibbling hay is essential for the dental health of rabbits and rodents. The varied, fiber-rich texture of Vadigran hay stimulates prolonged chewing, which helps to naturally wear down their teeth and prevent dental problems. This hay helps maintain strong and well-maintained teeth, essential for the general health of your little companions.

Conservation of Nutritional Values

The meticulous drying process used by Vadigran ensures that all the nutritional values of the hay are preserved. Each strand of hay contains essential vitamins and minerals that support the overall health of your animals. By choosing this hay, you are offering your rabbits and rodents a high quality food, naturally good and healthy for them.

Advice from LePetitRongeur on the use of hay

hay in rodents The amount of hay in the diet of rabbits and herbivorous rodents can vary depending on several factors, including age, weight, physical activity and health. However, a general rule is to provide unlimited access to high-quality hay at all times.

  • Typically, an adult rabbit or rodent consumes its own size of hay each day. For example, an average-sized rabbit (around 2 to 4 kilograms) will eat around 2 to 4 handfuls of hay per day. This may vary depending on individual needs.
  • Make sure your pet always has access to fresh, clean hay. It must be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week .
  • Hay should not be the only source of food for your herbivorous furball. He should also have access to fresh vegetables, quality pellets appropriate for his age and size , clean, fresh water, and occasional treats.


hay, fruit (3% apple, 3% banana)

Analytical Constituents

Crude protein: 11%, Crude fat: 2.1%, Crude fiber: 29.5%, Crude ash: 8.3%, calcium 0.53%, fosfor 0.29%, sodium 0.23%

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