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Crau Hay Logs for Rabbits and Rodents

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Discover the Crau hay log: The premium snack for your rabbits and rodents

Give your rabbits and rodents a treat to snack on with Crau hay logs . 100% natural, this delicacy is a true treasure of flavor and nutrition. Made in France, each log is a concentrate of benefits , rich in proteins and fibers, without any additives. In each box, discover six 100g sticks , guaranteeing hours of healthy and satisfying snacking. With a shelf life of 12 months , they are perfect for varying the pleasures throughout the year.

  • 100% natural and nutritious: Made with Crau AOP hay, without additives.
  • Ease of use: Simply place for the pleasure of snacking.
  • Durability and pleasure: Hours of healthy snacking for your pet.

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The advantages and information of Crau Hay Bunches “Crau Délice”

Mas de l’Aqueduc

Quality and Freshness

These logs are made only with Crau AOP hay, renowned for its quality and richness in nutrients. They represent the ideal choice for a healthy and balanced diet, promoting good digestion and providing the fiber necessary for your animals.

The floral composition of Foin de Crau, strictly regulated by the AOP, varies according to the different cuts of hay. The first cut is dominated by grasses (50%), followed by legumes (25%) and other plants (25%). The second and third cuts have a greater balance between these three categories, with around 30 to 35% for each. As cutting progresses, the proportion of legumes and other plants increases compared to grasses.

Ease and Convenience

Ultra-practical, these sticks can be placed wherever you want, in a bowl or on the ground, so that your companions can nibble on them at their own pace. They are perfect for keeping your pets occupied, thus preventing them from chewing unwanted objects.

Sustainability and conservation

Each log has an optimal lifespan of 12 months, guaranteeing prolonged pleasure without loss of quality. Your little gourmands will be able to enjoy their favorite snack all year round.

Controlled snacking pleasure

Although delicious, these logs should be given in moderation, 2 to 3 times a week, to avoid excess calcium. They are a dietary supplement and should not replace daily hay, essential to the health of your rabbits and rodents.

In short :

  • 100% natural, without additives, colorings or preservatives.
  • Enriches the diet with protein and fiber, promoting good digestion.
  • High quality product made in France with Crau AOP hay.
  • Keeps rabbits and rodents occupied, reducing the risk of unwanted nibbling.
  • Retains its properties and flavors for up to 12 months.


100% Crau hay.

Analytical Constituents

Protein (%): 17.5, Calcium (%): 2.3

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