ELANCO - Advantage 40 for cats and rabbits - 4 kg

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Advantage® 40 for cats and rabbits < 4 kg: The anti-flea solution

Advantage® 40 is an external anti-parasitic pipette, specially designed for cats and rabbits weighing less than 4 kg . This robust product effectively fights against flea infestations , providing treatment and prevention of choice. Thanks to its formula, it acts quickly, with fleas being killed one day after application . Easy to use, it reduces stress for your pets and can be integrated into the treatment of flea bite allergic dermatitis (flea bite allergy dermatitis).

  • Speed of action: elimination of fleas from the first day.
  • Long-lasting: prevention of reinfestations for 3 to 4 weeks.
  • Ease of use: practical pipettes, limiting animal stress.

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The advantages and information of Advantage 40 Pipettes for cats and rabbits - 4 kg

ELANCO - Rabbit care

Fast and effective action

With Advantage® 40, your cat or rabbit will benefit from rapid antiparasitic action , with fleas being neutralized in just 24 hours. This speed of action ensures immediate peace of mind for the owner and rapid relief for the animal.

Long-lasting protection

A single treatment with Advantage® 40 guarantees up to 4 weeks of protection against flea reinfestations in cats , and one week in rabbits . This long duration of effectiveness means less worry and more periods of comfort for your little companions.

Easy and comfortable to apply

The pipettes are designed to be easy to use , allowing direct and precise application. This simplicity minimizes stress for the animal and facilitates the regularity of treatments, essential for effective and continuous protection.

Integration into DAPP processing

Advantage® 40 is also an ally in the treatment of allergic flea bite dermatitis (APPD), after veterinary diagnosis. It therefore offers a complete solution for the dermatological health of your animal.

ELANCO - Advantage 40 for cats and rabbits - 4 kg


  • Active substance(s): Imidacloprid 40.0 mg
  • Excipient(s): Butylhydroxytoluene (E 321) 0.4 mg
  • Benzyl alcohol (E1519) 332.8 mg

Precautions for use

Advantage is a veterinary medicine. Read the instructions and package directions carefully before use. Ask your veterinarian/pharmacist for advice. If symptoms persist, consult your veterinarian. VGPNR 8/2021.

ADVANTAGE 40 FOR CAT AND RABBIT – ADVANTAGE 80 FOR CAT AND RABBIT: Destination species: cat, pet rabbit. Indications: fleas. Contraindications: Do not use in rabbits intended for consumption. Precautions for use: Wash your hands thoroughly after application. Avoid contact with the animal until the application site is dry. Do not massage the application site.


Distribute the contents of the pipette in 3 points (between the bottom of the skull and the hollow of the shoulders.) Part the coat and place part of the required contents on the skin.
ELANCO - Advantage 40 for cats and rabbits - 4 kg

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